With a dance background and passion for the visual arts, Anna Anderegg, creator of Asphalt Piloten breaks out of the traditional dance world to discover and explore movement trough...
Tape Riot ©Vincent Vanhecke
Tape Riot ©Vincent Vanhecke

With a dance background and passion for the visual arts, Anna Anderegg, creator of Asphalt Piloten breaks out of the traditional dance world to discover and explore movement trough space and performs in the urban landscape, using different media. The group, with the sensibility to perceive the body as a fluent element, continuously adapts to the environment it performs in, which immediately tells an interesting story.

“I’m not so much interested in dance in terms of beautiful movements but in the space as a media of transforming.”

Anna Anderegg

Anna Anderegg ©Simone Serlenga

Living in Berlin inspired Anna Anderegg to create site specific works, with the quest of empowering public space and trying to bring encounters, discussions, confrontations and solidarity through a series of interdisciplinary arts. With this in mind, she created Asphalt Piloten in 2010, a company of enthusiastic artists such as musician Marco Barotti from different artistic and geographic backgrounds. Performed mostly in public space and in relation to the architecture, Asphalt Piloten generates an artistic approach through the language of the body, visual arts and music to transform the outlook of the everyday urban life.

“Dance has the power to communicate, you don’t need to speak the same language, come from the same culture, it simply communicates something”

Photo Maja Nydal Eriksen Kopie

Photo Maja Nydal Eriksen Kopie

Site specific interventions
AP first developed project merges and transforms in order to create a new vision of the city. It is a temporary bifurcation of the space, over a series of performances in different locations around the urban context that highlight the energy around the static architecture.

Tape Riot
Following this exchanges with different art forms Tape Riot is built and adapted to the city’s structure by creating a physical encounter. It leaves a permanent trace that will evolve with time. Geometric shapes are drawn to open up new perspectives, and changing sounds are introduced to the context as a new layer to the city which transform the  space instantly. The energy and passion put into this project is reflected through this art as impulses and interactions between the piece, the dancers and the people around it, provoking the sensations of being in a different space.

Tape Riot ©Vincent Vanhecke

Tape Riot ©Vincent Vanhecke

Around the Block
Interested in altering the urban landscape for a longer amount of time, Around the Block explores the architectural lines, the distortion of the space and reality through music and video projections on city’s landscape to underline and give a sense of change. Empty facades are transformed to create a space within the space, a scene where all the elements are englobed meticulously in specific angles, offering a distorted reflection of the environment, seeking to catch the attention of people to suggest a different focus and perspective of what is around of them in their daily life.

“This kind of challenge makes you go into the direction that you never thought of, it forces you to think outside of the convenient process.”

©Simone Serlenga

©Simone Serlenga

Still Motion
After the outdoor explorations, Still Motion rises as an indoor performance in a particular protected environment. This is where an artificial space is created by a series of screen projections that are constantly transforming the space and generating a different context to the people. This meditative piece presents a specific visual language and aesthetics that move and change in space, images where developed as a type of choreography to give more scenes to the experience.

“ The body is never perceived neutral its always adapted to the environment and immediately tells a story to you”


Photo Kirstenkiesche Kopie

Asphalt Piloten has contemplated society’s current situation and has created an art as a fast forward element that connects and impacts people with a new dialogue and understanding of public space. This proposal steps out of the current perspective in the art, architecture and design field and brings forward an emergent and dynamic proposal that offers a true comprehension of space.

Aspahlt Piloten | New York
November 2016
Instagram : @asphaltpiloten

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