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Pop-Up Store | Interview with the Co-Directors 27 May 2016 | 34 Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus

Slinking sliver winking against the slanting afternoon sun catches my eyes on the busy streets of Regent Street. The simple geometry of cans, disrobed of any packaging, enticed me to step into the store it decorated.

window - 1

Bottletop Pop-up Store Window Display ©Photo by Sarah Barlondo

Initially my gaze was drawn upwards. My curiosity aimed at decoding the formation of the hanging silver cans, dangling playfully in an undulating formation from the ceiling. Yet the kinetic metal curtain highlights the centre display table and two shelves on mirroring walls, which are the stars of the store, and holds the key to the use of cans for deocration. From bags to jewellery, the store showcases a wide range of fashion accessories. This may not seem out of the ordinary, however, the material use for their construction are.


Bottletop Pop-up Store ©Photo by Sarah Barlondo

Rows of rings, pulled from cans, woven in various patterns and techniques create scales that formulate the bodies of pouches, wallets and shoulder bags. Their metallic quality lends a modern and industrial aesthetic that beguiles its lightweight and malleable nature.


Detail of woven can rings ©Photo courtesy of Bottletop

I was so intrigued by the store design and the product on display that when I was informed by the friendly sales assistant that the Directors of the fashion brand was in store, I quickly introduced myself and Oliver, one of the founders kindly allowed me to arrange an interview. The following transcribes the interview between Sarah Barlondo, Director of The Mood Board Magazine, myself, and the two Co-Directors of Bottletop, Oliver Wayman and Cameron Saul.

Founders Photo © Sarah Barlondo

Olivier Wayman and Cameron Saul, Co-Directors of Bottletop ©Photo by Sarah Barlondo

Brand Vision

Photop © Bottletop Mission

Bottletop Artisan ©Photo Courtesy of Bottletop Mission

Sustainability. This word encapsulates Bottletop’s brand philosophy and design. Wayman and Saul view their company to be an antithesis of fast fashion, where they are building the elevation of accessible everyday material that will come to raise awareness of global environment issues, such as global warming. This idea of sustainability also seeps into Bottletop’s product design.

 Photo © Sarah Barlondo

Bottletop Clutch ©Photo by Sarah Barlondo

Product Design

Bottletop is invested in cultivating a holistic approach of their fashion brand, where materials are up-cycled and artisans supported. The company revolves around sustainable material and craftsmanship. The brand’s iconic products are bags made from upcycle aluminum pull-rings from soda cans, woven together by leather. The leather used are eco-friendly, as they are sourced from cows farmed in an anti-deforestation process, where cows are lead to graze on grass in a systematic process that prevents the need to cut down large areas of trees. Although Bottletop Collections are designed by renown designers, such as the recent Summer Campaign that bares the creative direction of Vincent Du Sartel (Founder of Atelier Du Sartel and Former Artistic Director of Loewe) and Narciso Rodriguez, the artisans who create these bags are from Brazil, and are supported by the production of Bottletop products, via the Bottletop Foundation.*

Bottletop collaboration with Narciso Rodriguez. Photo © Sarah Barlondo

Bottletop Collection in collaboration with Narciso Rodriguez ©Photo by Sarah Barlondo

Bottletop Collections

“Less is more in some respect. New lines are focused on a limited collection.”

Cameron Saul, Co-Director of Bottletop.

Photo © Bottletop

Spring-Summer 2016 Campaign Photo ©Photo Courtesy of Bottletop

Although Bottletop’s designs appear simple, they do not skim on design nor quality, for Wayman and Saul press the importance of maintaining a balance between high-end fashion and crafty eco-friendly material. I believe that Bottletop succeeds in both avenues. Their clean and sleek designs, coupled with fine craftsmanship, creates alluring products that carries important message of being aware of the wider world. To summarise, Bottletop is intelligent, timeless design that is committed to highlighting form and texture, which creates a link towards a global awareness.


You can now view Bottletop’s products at their pop-up store in Piccadilly Circus.

Bottletop Pop-up Store

84 Regent Street
Piccadilly Circus
London W1B 5AJ

Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday: 10.00 – 20.00
Sunday: 12.00 – 18.00


Photo © Sarah Barlondo

Photo © Sarah Barlondo

To learn more about the brand, visit their website.

*Bottletop Foundation was launched by Cameron Saul and his father Roger Saul (Founder of Mulberry) in 2002. The foundation has a multi-media focus on raising funds to support grass root projects in Africa. Bottletop Fashion Company, founded by Oliver Wayman and Cameron Saul in 2012, funds the Bottletop Foundation through contemporary art and music, to raise funds for education.

Interview by Sarah Barlondo and Grace Lai, Story by Grace Lai