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    Over the next few weeks, Mood Board Magazine will be bringing you a series of interviews from the most inspirational designers and entrepreneurs. For this first edition, I sat down with Bonadea founder, Gemma Martinez de Ana. Her line of products -a fusion between accessible luxury and luxury- has caught our eye, and...
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    TEAVANA SE REINVENTA | Starbucks Store Redesigned

    TEAVANA, se reinventa para brindarle una experiencia única en el mundo del té a todos sus clientes. Starbucks anunció la remodelación completa de una docena de tiendas en los Estados Unidos. El nuevo concepto de diseño está enfocado en guiar a los clientes a través de las tiendas para...
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    An Outstanding Reason To Use Color

    Completed in 2004 the Seattle Central Library continues to garner attention for its unique design process.  Designed by Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Prince-Remus from the Dutch firm Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) , the 11-story glass and steel building features an innovative use of materials and a progressive organization of space. The interior...