Colonial Architecture and Coffee: Let’s go to Colombia!

Filandia, The Illuminated Hill of the Andes
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Located in Colombia’s coffee region, known as the “Eje Cafetero”, Filandia is one of the most picturesque towns of the country. Famous for its colonial architecture, coffee and colorful landmarks, it is also the center of the triangle formed by the three main cities of the country: Bogotá, Medellín and Cali. This strategic location helps its people live off of their coffee plantations and tourism.Before we start…

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The city of Filandia: the name Filandia comes from “Filia” (daughter), “Andia” (Andes). Filandia: daughter of the Andes.

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As most of the small towns in Colombia, it is built around the church and its plaza. That central area of town is the main meeting point for people of all ages, where they get to enjoy the city’s coffee shops, bars and billards.

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On weekends, kids get to jump in one the traditional “Yipaos” and drive it around the park! This version of the Jeep-Willys has been especially modified for the rural terrain. Previously used as an army car by the United States, it had been modified to work as an all-terrain with its 4-wheel traction.

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Due to the Colombian extreme environment, the Yipaos have become a common mode of transport for people going to the city, from their coffee plantations.

Helena Adentro

This traditional coffee/restaurant has been designed inside a coffee house itself.  The place took his name from the owner’s coffee plantation and also exports coffee to New Zealand.

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“This is a  creative place, full of colors and flavors of our region. It opened its doors to support local artists by giving them the opportunity to display their art on our wall, and using the coffee shop as an exhibition space.” explains Helena Adentro’s owner.

The enchanting ambiance and each element of the interior design make this restaurant a piece of art in itself. The tapas (food to share) are made with 100% of local products and ingredients.

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The Interior Garden

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Before you go! Here are some useful words for you to learn…

Puebleando: Colombian saying. Coming from the noun “pueblo” : “town” it is used when someone is going to the the suburbs of the medium to large cities in Colombia.

“Nos vamos a pueblear” : we are going to town. Common saying in Colombia!


All Photos by Aleja Franco

Interior Designer, travel and beauty addict living between Portugal, Colombia and NYC.