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Décrayonner | Cite Dentelle Mode, France
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The Museum of Lace and Fashion in Calais, France, is hosting the debut exhibition of iconic fashion designer Anne Valérie Hash, who’s fashion house is one of the select few to receive the prestigious Haute Couture label.

Anne Valerie Hash © Fabrice Laroche

Anne Valerie Hash © Fabrice Laroche

Décrayonner presents a retrospective of Hash’s creations in chronology of the designer’s personal artistic growth. The little girl becomes a woman as the enormous garment over the child seems to disappear as you walk through the exhibition.

Collection Elements © Fabrice Laroche

Collection Elements © Fabrice Laroche

Androgynous trousers, open backs, asymmetry and lace shirts. These elements demonstrates the designer’s skills and knowledge about the complex texture of lace.

“Inviting Anne Valérie Hash to present her work shows off the endless possibilities that this  fabric [lace] can offer” says Anne Claire Laronde, director of the Museum of lace and fashion.

The exhibition features around 100 pieces chosen from thousands of models, videos and personal archives, along with loans from the Palais Galliera. Apart from spotlighting the essence of lace, the exhibition shares Hash’s exploration through her fabrication of pattern models.

"Le style detricoté" - Unknitted style by Anne Valérie Hash

“Unknitted style” . “Le style detricoté” – Anne Valérie Hash started her carreer inspired by the 9 years old child Lou Lesage.

“Décrayonner” is French for “un-penciled,” a term that suggests slow gesture and rough scribbles. We could compare this to the ability to erase a gesture with the cinematic tool “rewind”. This is the inspiration behind Hash’s deconstruction and reconstruction of her pattern models. The artist designed trousers that become shirts, or shirts which become dresses, a skirt or a pair of pants… Putting pieces together, she reassembles a life story. Matching opposites, textures, contrasts and colours, Hash plays with the notions of modernity and traditions.

Collection Confidences Charlotte Rampling © Fabrice Laroche

Collection Confidences Charlotte Rampling © Fabrice Laroche

Collection Fillemale Guinevere Van Seenus © Michelangelo di Battista

Asymmetry and volume, without forgetting feminity. Collection Fillemale Guinevere Van Seenus © Michelangelo di Battista


The Cité de la Dentelle et de la Mode Building offers the prime site to spotlight Hash’s creations. The Museum is part of an original lace factory from the 19th century (The Boulart Factory). Architects Alain Moatti and Henri Rivière, whose projects holds on to the value of history by blending it with contemporary design, have revived the old industrial building with modern materials and technology. The glass facade – serigraphy- is encrusted with Jacquard patterns filters the light like a piece of lace, which references the building’s former life.

Cite Dentelle Mode Calais © Fabrice Laroche

Cite Dentelle Mode Calais © Fabrice Laroche

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On view until November 13th 2016
135 quai du commerce
62100 CALAIS

Opening Times
Everyday except Tuesdays: 10.00 – 18.00

Please visit for more information.

Written by Arthur Breton

Journalist and photographer based in Paris.